We round up some fashion tips from Online Stylist, Ash Gratsounas, to make sure we are ahead of the trends. 

Winter seems like it’s hit us in full swing here in Sydney, which means one good thing. Get those wooly winter warmers out and show us what you’ve got! Don’t be one to give in to the force of dark miserable colours to match the mood of the weather, take a page from Ash’s book and keep warm with splashes of colour.  Our Shapeshifter handbag is also looking effortlessly chic – as always.

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Channeling a nice vintage vibe with bright orange and embroidered flowers – we are all ticks here. Just like our bag (totally completing the outfit), Ash has shape-shifted into the perfect attire for early winter. If colour isn’t your thing, but black is too dreary for you – we dare you to try look as good as this #babe in all white.

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We took some time with Ash to get some hot Winter Fashion tips so we can all have a head start to what’s trending.

What is your absolute go-to fashion item in winter ?

My #1 go-to would be a chunky, warm, oversized sweater. Bell sleeves are a bonus!


You seem to look effortlessly chic in all white – whats your tips to make white work on all shapes and sizes ?

My advice would be to be bold, and don’t be afraid to layer! I find that layering whites, even with slightly different shades, really adds some cool depth to an outfit and can be flattering on any shape or size. For those gals with curves (which I unfortunately lack), it doesn’t always have to be oversized. Simply pick a fitted top and layer a loose cami dress over the top for the best of both worlds.


Inside the raddest handbag ever (#NotEvenBias) what is your go to winter lipstick shade?

Rouge Sinner by Lipstick Queen, always.


In all the crazy seasons of one year, are you a winter or summer lover ?

As much as I love rugging up and layering in Winter, i’m definitely a Summer baby! Half of my wardrobe is made up of bikinis, and i’m happiest when I can swim in the ocean without contracting frostbite.

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For more style inspiration head to Ash’s Instagram @ashgrats

Photographer: We The Spies 

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