Sydney Art Month is in full swing. Will we catch you at any of our fave picks ?

The rain has hit Sydney hard. Escape the dreariness with our top 3 events during Sydney Art Month.

Sydney can be a little overwhelming at times – especially when you are trying to make sure you see things worthy of your attention but somehow only know about these things once they have been and gone. Not this time sister, we have you covered.

The month of March in Sydney is dedicated to Art. We know, pretty amazing. So what do you do with yourself in this month to make sure you don’t miss any of the important stuff ? You read our blog and educate yourself with our top 3 picks of where to go and what to see !

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The Animal Line | 8 March to 31st March Mon-Fri 10 to 5:30pm | FREE

If you want to get in touch with your inner animal instincts this one is for you. Preaching their is a physical response to the perception of move in sculpture – you owe yourself the decency of finding out. The Animal Line explores the expressive impact of the travelling line in a series of works in metal large and small.

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Making Your Mark With Me / 11 March 12 to 1pm or 1 to 3pm | FREE

Need to get your childhood teacher out of your mind insisting that you can’t draw? Or perhaps your a devoted artist wanting to explore new techniques in drawing. Either way it’s a free event not to be missed. You don’t need experience though and all your materials are provided – so don’t second guess yourself and put your best overalls on and go join in some fun !

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Sydney Art Tours; Discover Trump Park / 4th March to 18th March 2017

Apart from a fitting name in the time of politics you will get to discover all the little gems that the Art markets in this leafy den have to offer. Isobel from Sydney Art Tours took the time to answer a couple of our questions – so you can get a feel of who will be walking you around such strange places !

What is your background?

I’ve been hanging around the art world for a very long time! In a range of roles working in galleries, as an artist, occasionally writing about art, teaching, art consultancy and for the last decade running Sydney Art Tours.

I grew up in Paddington and discovered that galleries gave away free wine but I got hooked not on the wine which back then was notoriously bad but on the art!

Art is a universal language and gives you access to the way other people respond to the world. It can be fun, challenging and even disturbing and it’s great to have a guide introduce you to this world. But it in an afternoon you can feel pretty accomplished and ready to go solo.


Do you have a favourite precinct in Sydney? 

It’s quite difficult to pick my favourite art precinct because each precinct has so much to offer and it’s not like comparing like to like.  One area is very upmarket and high-end, showing the best known contemporary art but if you have a hankering to see affordable edgy art by young artists you may not find it here as easily as in other parts of town.  

In addition, the exhibitions are constantly changing so that one area might have a brilliant show one month and not the next. But if I had to choose, for me, it’s probably East Sydney – the National Art School and surrounding commercial galleries along with the artist run spaces gives you nearly every kind of art space within easy walking distance.


What is your most frequented Art Tour and why do you think that’s the case?

My Saturday Walking Tours are the most popular tours I run because they bring random people together in a relaxed social way. Walking from space to space allows people time to engage not just with the art but also with each other.  Discovering galleries and art as well as sharing the experience builds and sparks a desire to take it away and share it with friends. I’m always delighted when I bump into people who’ve done one of my tours taking their friends around the galleries.


Is there one particular event in Art Month that Avid Art lovers should not miss?

Art Month is a great event with hundreds of galleries coming together showcase what they do and invites you be part of it all from artists talks, events, parties and more; it’s a great time to jump on board and join in. The collectors space is a must see because these works aren’t usually accessible and finding out why and what artists themselves collect offers a fascinating and insightful unique opportunity to get to know something about this more private aspect of the art world.

So there you have it – at least 3 events that you know you should be attending this Art Month in Sydney. There are no excuses this time.

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