The Beauty of Real Photography.

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In a world full of I-Phone photographers it may be hard for you to fathom the idea of where pure photography comes from. You know talent when you see it and you can be quite certain that didn’t originate from an Instagram filter on your phone. Sarah Eshu grew her passion for photography in the mystery of a Dark Room, not VSCO, and aren’t we glad that she did.

Starting her journey with a Pentax film camera logged on her lenyard she was bound for good things. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with the natural light loving beauty and took 5 minutes to get to know her that little bit more than adoring her photos.

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Meet Sara

What is your most treasured photo you have ever snapped ?

The most treasured photo I’ve taken would have to be of my grandma when I visited her a few years ago in Canada.

Growing up as a child who influenced your love of Photography?

My love for photography grew in my school dark room, I would spend my lunch breaks in the room creating. I would say my influence came mostly from Ansel Adams.

Are you still using Film for certain projects ?

I’m not at the moment, but that will change in the future.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why ?

I have thought about this many times and I seem to change my mind constantly, ha. At the moment if I could choose it would be a Lion – they just look like they’re the boss of the jungle, so fierce.

What is your favourite item from The New Shapes Collection and why?

I love my Prism wallet – It’s so minimal and chic. A versatile wallet (oh and it’s black, my fave).

Can you give any rising photographers any valuable advice ?

Do something small that relates to photography daily, always chase your dreams even when you feel like giving up. In time, your work will get noticed. Work hard and don’t ever take short cuts. You got this!!!

You can see more of Sara’s creativity on her website or Instagram. Stay tuned for more photos of this perfect collaboration !

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