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It’s a big world out there and even bigger in terms of Fashion. Sometimes bigger isn’t always a good thing. Fashion is starting to be known more as ‘Fast Fashion’ as people start realising that ranges are dropping 2-3 times in between seasons. That’s why when we come across #legendary labels like Arthur Apparel we can’t help but share.

Olivia Gow is the name to remember from the up and coming iconic minimalistic label. The name was derived from her late father, representing versatility and a whole lot of love. Arthur Apparel’s current range is the perfect drawing board for your imagination. Designed on the South Coast of NSW you can see the ocean seeping through.  Living close to Audrey Hepburn’s famous words;

‘Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.’

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Established in 2016 – this is just the beginning.

We had the pleasure of taking 5 with Olivia…

At what point in your fashion career did you know it was right to launch Arthur Apparel?

Mmm, I don’t think there’s ever a right time, really. Big leaps always feel or a lot uncomfortable and if they didn’t, it would mean nothing is changing, growing, or evolving. I had the idea of owning my own label since a young age and I guess all it took was knowledge of business management that enticed me into taking that leap.

We love your minimalistic approach. Do you ever feel pressure from brands/consumers to broaden your range?

I wouldn’t say I feel pressured, although on the odd occasion, I am asked to create certain styles, or different colourways etc. At the end of the day, if Arthur were a label loved for it’s aesthetic, why would we change it?
I also think it’s nice to have smaller, more concise collections, that way the garments don’t get so easily lost in the world of constant creation.

What is the one piece of your current collection that you can’t survive without (if not all.)?

Hmm, that’s a toughie. To be honest, I don’t even think I have all of my designs in my wardrobe. If I had to pick my current favourite, it would be the asymmetric wrap skirt. I’ve been wearing it as a strapless dress of late (trial at your own risk – just be sure to hold it down when the wind blows). But, my favourite changes weekly, daily sometimes hourly. That’s life, right?

 Head over to her website to fall more in love with Arthur Apparel – just like us !

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