The Queen of Collage

Eloise Jenkins takes us on a trip down memory lane when all you ever wanted to do was cover your books with magazine cut outs and clear contact.

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The rate that Sydney is booming could mean that the Central Coast will start being referred to as ‘Inner City’ living. It’s true, we are pushing our limits in what we call Sydney all thanks to the surging house prices and ridiculous rent. The good thing that would come out of calling the Central Coast inner city is that we can then call Eloise Jenkins a Sydney talent. It may seem far fetched but she is well worth the credit.

Tucked away in her dreamy Central Coast abode, Eloise is a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer with a passion for collage art and Social Media. Sounds like a woman after all of our hearts. I don’t know about you but most of my schooling years were spent putting magazine cutouts around pictures of me and my friends – just dreaming those equations away.

So you can imagine our excitement when an Ametrine X Eloise Jenkins collab came about. So much so that we couldn’t keep the goodness all to ourself and decided to share it with you. That’s just who we are #SharingIsCaring.

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What is your most cut out object in collage and why?

It would have to be flowers / greenery, I find it just brings so much life to the collage. Florals are perfect because they suit any colour palette!

What does your average day look like as a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer (it’s a mouth full!)?

Ahhh it totally is a mouth full. To be honest most of my days really vary. Some days I commute to Sydney for clients, but if I’m at home I generally try to wake up early and go grab a coffee at our local coffee shop Flour & Co. I always spend the morning replying to emails (reality of freelance life haha ) and then get stuck into whatever job I have whether it be photography, collages, branding or a consultation! I try to stop work around 5/6 however I often find myself working late because I get so into the project! If I have time I try to fit in a walk to the beach after dinner.

If you are wanting to take some down time, where would we find you?

There is a dog beach near our house on the coast and that is my partner & I’s go to. Dogs + the beach = heaven on earth. 

If you could be any Animal what would it be and why?

I’m stumped at this question. I wouldn’t mind being a few different things however I think cats have a pretty good chill life so let’s say that. Sleepy and  smart.

Favourite Ametrine Product?

I must say upon shooting all the products, photos really do not capture the true beauty of this collection. Holding the pieces & seeing the beautiful packaging (coming from a designer view point) was incredible. However if I had to choose I would pick the Hexagon. The versatility of the straps makes it so fun, casual backpack or business savvy shoulder tote? The best of both worlds! This is a bag that you will love for years after purchasing.

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Collage and photo credit, Eloise Jenkins,

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