Get cosy in this dreary weather.

As devastated as we all are – Summer has gone. Thankfully Autumn has showed up with some new things on the horizon. We like to embrace all seasons that we are given – remembering that there is always rad things to do no matter what the weather is. One of our favourite things to do is get cosy on our couch with our favourite socks and tea with a good read at hand.

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Let’s be honest here – finding something worth reading can sometimes be a challenge. If you’re anything like us you prefer to know someone worthy has reviewed it and their taste aligns with your reading style. So we found an on point book reviewer and asked her all the gory details of what to read and what not to.

What is your top most recommended book to fashion loving readers?


Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. This book is a romance/chick-lit novel satirising the world of the unbelievably wealthy families of Asia. You will not only become addicted to the insane social politics and love story the book is centered around, but there are also enough allusions to style and pop-culture throughout to cement Crazy Rich Asians as a complete indulgence for the fashion lover.


If you could save reading enthusiasts the time of half reading a book due to lack of interest what would you tell them to steer clear of?


I think the biggest mistake you can make is to attempt to read a book way outside your realm of knowledge/enjoyment just because ‘everyone else is reading it’, without taking the necessary steps to prepare yourself for it first. These have often been the books that I decided not to finish. Reading is so personal, so if someone recommends a book to you way outside of the genre you are used to, try and find another novel that bridges the two first. For example, I am mainly a contemporary fiction/non-fiction reader. I purchased a high fantasy novel because I saw it all over Instagram, but struggled to get into the story. So I put that book on hold and instead, found a contemporary fantasy novel to ease myself into the genre. With a few reads in this category under by belt, I now have a much easier time staying interested in novels in the higher fantasy genres. Similarly, if you want to read a book about a subject you know nothing about, do your research on the topic/author first and don’t be afraid to read other readers’ reviews so you know enough to be able to completely engage with the read. In saying this, it is okay to decide not to finish a book. There are hundreds of thousands of books out there, and not all of them are going to suit our interests.


If we are looking for a little light hearted education with some entertainment to keep us interested where would you point us to?


A memoir by someone you look up to in the pop-culture world will always deliver that great balance between education and entertainment. While I have found some memoirs are mainly for entertainment, offering a few life hacks along the way (such as those by Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer and Drew Barrymore), others have provided really great insights into specific industries such as #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso – a must read for anyone who wants to start their own small business in the fashion industry.


What do you look for when you’re reviewing a book and what’s your process you go through?


I always begin my reviews with a quick synopsis, avoiding spoilers of course, which both allow me to reflect on what I have just read, as well as tell the reader what the book was about. Then, of course, I have to figure out how much I enjoyed the book. To do this I look at two perspectives – how did I feel while I was reading it, and how did I feel after? It is amazing how many books I had a really hard time pushing myself to get through, but have ended up being the most memorable and vice verse. I like to go with my intuition, so I think I best communicate my feelings on a book when I am still in the state of mind that it left me with, which means beginning the review straight after I have finished the last page, and coming back to edit/add any final thoughts later. When editing, I am always weary of how subjective reading is, so occasionally tone back my more emotion-based opinions to keep the review as objective as possible, allowing the reader enough space to not be influenced too much by my opinions, and rather decide for themselves if this is a book they would like to pick up. I also do not like rules/restrictions, so none of my reviews end up keeping the same structure or size, some have star-ratings and some don’t, etc. I tend to march to the beat of my own drum with my reviews, but I think that’s the only way I can maintain their sincerity.


If you could turn one book into a movie (that’s not already!) what would it be?


The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee, which is set in New York City in one hundred years time, where Central Park has become a one thousand storey tower. Think science-fiction Gossip Girl at its finest, I would love to see this made into a television series or movie.

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